More than half of Brazilian Internet user would love to have an Apple Watch

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A quick market research performed by eCMetrics reveals Brazilians first impressions around the release of Apple Watch (Apple’s new product) and its consumer intentions.

Considered a global benchmark in technological innovation, Apple has been dictating for some time now trends in features, design and new products. This past week, in the most anticipated event of the year for fans of the brand, Apple released the new iPhone6, iPhone ​​6 Plus, iOS8 and Apple Watch, generating a big buzz on social networks and across the media.

Features and design of the Apple watch surprised Brazilians and aroused great consumer desire for this new Apple product, according to a quick survey conducted by eCMetrics using eCInstant, eCGlobal Solutions intelligent survey platform.

“In the Era of Social Media, Companies need to apply equally rapid solutions to measure consumer-base opinions of campaigns and releases as this one which took just a few days. And this can only be done with Do-It-Yourself survey tools with short and rapid responses”, describes Adriana Rocha, CEO of eCGlobalSolutions.

According to our survey, people associated Apple Watch as an “innovative” and ‘technological” product, in tune with Apple’s positioning. Of the respondents, 58% were aware of Apple’s launch event, mostly online: on news sites, specialty sites and social networks. Among other online media on which they were impacted, WhatsApp and YouTube were the most popular mentions. Only 15% reported having been impacted in offline media such as TV and 7% by newspapers.

Apple smartwatch has generated interest in 78% of respondents, who mostly loved its design. From the customized versions presented by Apple, the most popular ones were: Timelapse (17%), Photo (16%), Utility (15%), Solar (13%) and Astronomy (12%). Other versions: Simple (9%), Motion (9%), Mickey Mouse (7%) were not considered as attractive and only 2% did not like any of the versions. The variations of bracelets also caught the attention of users, who voted in Link Bracelet (27%) as the most appreciated, followed by Classic Buckle (23%), Modern Buckle (22%) and Milanese Loop (16%).

Considered beautiful and useful, iWatch awakened the purchase desire of respondents with 86% stating that they would like or would love to have an Apple smartwatch. 73% would be willing to spend between R$500 and R$ 700 for the product (between USD$ 213 and USD$ 298 by today’s exchange rate) and 20% would pay between R$701 and R$ 900 (USD$ 300 to USD$ 385). If the estimated sales price in North America is correct, some Brazilians will pay more than they would like to for the product.

About perception, the watch aggregated the perceived brand values ​​and is considered by most people as innovative (42%) and sophisticated (14%). Interestingly, 22% thought that the watch combined with their lifestyle and 10% associated it with young people.

“The data indicates very clearly that by depicting the Apple watch with the words innovation, stile and technology, it is very much in synch with Apples positioning. Additionally, the realease has generated a large interest,” concluded Iván Casas, CEO of eCMetrics.


The survey was undertaken via an online questionnaire using eCInstant, a Do-It-Yourself survey platform with 1,000 Internet users in Brazil from September 10th to September 11th. The sample source (participants) came from eCGlobal, one of the biggest online panels for market research in Latin America with more than a 1.1 million participants. The Planning, questionnaire design, methodology and data analysis was performed by eCMetrics’ team of consultants.


You can download the infographic and the summary report for additional information

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