Phygital : the best of both worlds

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20 de July de 2022
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For many years, technology has been increasingly integrated into people’s lives and day-to-day activities. And even more recently, with the arrival of the global pandemic Covid-19, many businesses have started to use the Phygital concept. Most likely, this concept is new to you, however, it is very likely that you have already unconsciously been a victim of this phygital marketing experience. 

The word Phygital is a compound word derived from the terms “physical” and “digital”. As its name implies, it is the combination of the best elements of the offline world with those of the online world – the best of both worlds. In other words, it can also be explained as the union of e-commerce with physical stores. Generally, this term refers to a type of user shopping experience or a marketing strategy. The goal here is to create a new, more complete and more satisfying experience for the user and for the companies themselves. 

Nowadays, technology is more present in our daily lives, something that companies know and are taking advantage of in a positive way. However, there are still occasions where technology cannot replace the benefits of personalized experiences that direct face-to-face treatment can offer. This is the reason why Phygital marketing gives additional value to brands that implement this strategy. 

How to create a phygital marketing experience?   

There are 3 main points to take into consideration when implementing this strategy, also known as the three I’s: immediacy, immersion and interaction. Immediacy and immersion are more related to the digital part, while interaction has more to do with the physical part. The important thing here for companies to do is to correctly align marketing strategies both online and offline.  

Social media is an indispensable tool to carry out this strategy. They allow you to increase the visibility of your products and increase the interest of people in your brand.  

Examples of Phygital Marketing  

  1. ROPO (Research Offline, Purchase Online) 

This is a good example for you to understand the concept of Phygital Marketing. ROPO refers to people going to the physical stores, where they are able to see the product first hand, look at the materials, try it on, and then, buy it online.  

  1. Showrooming  

This concept is the contrary of ROPO. Here, the customer looks for the product on online websites or social media, and then goes to the physical place to purchase the product.  

With these two models, both the physical and digital places gain more value. In the case of physical stores, they are no longer seen as just a place where the consumer goes and makes a transaction, but they now become a sensory attraction for the customer.  

  1. Touchscreens  

In many businesses, especially in fast food stores, within the premises there are touch screens where the customer selects their products according to their preferences – they do the entire selection and payment process online, and then, they collect their product upon delivery of the generated purchase receipt by these touch screens.  

In conclusion, Phygital Marketing is a tool that improves the customer’s shopping experience. It is an innovative model that is expected to be increasingly used by companies. It is important that companies know how to integrate marketing strategies of the physical and digital part to ensure their success.