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29 de June de 2016
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20 de July de 2016
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Companies can get benefit from customer crazes as is the case of Pokemon Go . If a product stand out to customers, they will start talking to others about it.  Consumers will be influencing in other consumers. Pokemon Go captivates consumers’ minds, hyping their emotions. Businesses can create a strategy to gain revenue base on this craze. Because the game is geographically based, local business can use it to lure people into coming in their shops and convert them into customers.


PokéStop as a marketing tool

If you’re a business that has a physical location, download the Pokemon Go app and see if your business is lucky enough to be a PokéStop. PokéStops, are buildings or places of note around a city where players swing by to grab some extra Poké Balls and potions.

If your business is a PokéShop or is close to it,  you just gained a free, powerful local marketing tool. Buy Lure modules and set them up. Lure modules will attract wild Pokémon for 30 minutes, which will attract players. If used wisely this can boost sales on any slow day.

Combine Pokémon GO specific messaging and promotions. How about a 10% off deal if you catch a Pokemon at the location? Or maybe Buy One Get One Happy Hour plus the benefit of an active Lure throughout the entire happy hour? Maybe show your Pokemon Go app at the door to get a free dessert. That will give you the chance to increase Pokémon GO foot traffic and turning it into revenue.



Pokémon Gym strategy

A “gym” is where players battle their Pokémon in a bid to gain control of the location for their team. Because users are visiting businesses in real-time to battle, you might consider to host a tournament.  Advertise it advance, perhaps even offering discounts to gym battle winners. Or create brand awareness setting your trainer name to your business. Train your Pokemon Team to an elite level and dominate a local gym. Every time someone checks out a local gym, they’ll see “Your business name” as the Gym Leader.

Give away free t-shirts, offer charging stations since Pokémon GO is such a battery drain, or even water bottles since a lot of the game is done on foot. Once users feel comfortable with your restaurant or local business and know that you welcome Pokémon GO users, they may be more likely to visit again or recommend it to their friends.


Increase visibility on social media

Offer customers a few dollars off to take a screenshot of a Pokémon in your store or restaurant and then post it on social media with a tag to your business. Other nearby players will see how many rare and exotic Pokémon are crawling around your establishment, and it might encourage them to come visit and maybe spend a few dollars of their own.

As Pokemo Go do updates and continue growing, be prepared to harness all the potential user engagement that fits in naturally with your target audience.

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