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10 de January de 2018
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By: Jéssica Cruz Reviewed By: Ivan Casas 

It’s nothing new that Big Data is the 21st century gold, and that the age of information produces unbridled data increasing every minute. According to Gartner, today, about 2.2 million terabytes of daily data are moving, with a forecast of 40 trillion gigabytes in 2020. 

This continuous and explosive growth assists in increasing the use of Big Data analytics compared to traditional market research methodologies. In this context, it is extremely important to specialize in the use of artificial intelligence techniques such as Machine Learning and the use of predictive models that help in the categorization and understanding of Big Data for the area of consumer insights. 

Predictive analysis, for example, assumes a role of extreme importance since it contemplates the study of the present and the future, that is, through data mining, predictive analysis is able to obtain information from the present as well as try to predict future trends, based on historical and statistical data. 

With machine learning, using a knowledge base a system or software application can learn to create, for example, predictions with scientific precision that help in making smarter decisions. 

To meet the demand for analysis, solutions are used, which integrate predictive analysis in the delivery of results.  

eCMetrics uses eCBigData to implement robust Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Models in the content generated by users, their followers and friends through practical recommendations from our consultants on how best to use the results for decision making. 


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