The challenge of keeping your brand relevant on Facebook

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7 de March de 2014
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16 de April de 2014
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Facebook has been making the work of community managers really hard. Publishing a post on a brand Page does not guarantee that it will be viewed and read by their fans. Actually, reaching your audience is getting more and more difficult and the feeling is that Facebook’s News Feed is to blame.

But is it?

A study by Komfo discusses how Facebook’s News Feed is being tweaked in order to guarantee that only really relevant content will reach the fan’s of a Page and how companies should adapt to keep relevant on Zuckerberg’s social network.

Inside Facebook comments on that:

The bottom line of the study is that businesses must create Facebook relevant and engaging content, and move away from the idea that a large fan base will make a brand exceptional. This might seem like a no-brainer, but Komfo says its more important to have a smaller fan base that truly loves a brand and wants to engage with it.

Actually, this is similar to what Google does with their search algorithm. Having a website indexed is not a guarantee that users will find it. You must post relevant content and apply SEO techniques if you want to get spotted by potential readers. The same has beeing happening to Facebook.

Recently Facebook has also declared that it will penalize Pages that publish spammy content. Such as posts that say “Share if you like it!”. The message is clear: don’t force things down, just be relevant and their algorithm you make you reach your audience. You should get creative when creating a call-to-action!

The days when being noticed by a very large audience on Facebook was easy are over. Companies should develop and apply new content marketing techniques to stay on the top.

How is YOUR company adapting to that? Please share your opinion on the comments section just below this post.