The Millennials and the Internet in Brazil

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9 de April de 2015
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Two out of every three young people in Brazil use their mobile phone to access the internet. For 42% of them, the mobile device is the primary way to access the web – access through computer was 33%. Those and other revelations about young people in Brazin and from other parts of the world will be seen here.

The Telefonia Global Millennial Survey sent online surveys to 6,7k millennials in Europe, United States, various countries in Latin America and Brazil. The survey involved questions about optimism about their home country, interest in working abroad, satisfaction with the education system and regarding technology.

bigstock-education-and-internet-concept-47578906Regarding technology, it was stated in 2013 that 78% of the young people in Brazil had a mobile phone, while 42% owned a tablet and 69% had a laptop or a desktop computer at home. The rates of each of those devices are growing all around the globe according to the study.

Among the main activities online done by the young people, the access to social networks stand out (58%), followed by the exchange of instant messages (45%) and checking email (35%). Approximately one third of the young people that took part in the study said they access the web several times during the day.

With the mobile phone in hands, the Brazilians are the ones that most read news (60%), compared with 43% in the USA, 50% in Europe and 54% in Latin America. They also make more financial transactions (24% compared to 22%, 15% and 19%), find a location (28% compared to 19%, 13% and 24%) and arrange a date (24%, compared to 15%, 14% and 16%) using their mobile device.