Transparency report of Twitter reveals increasing users information request

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22 de June de 2012
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Twitter announced on Monday its first transparency report. The report focused on several aspects related to users freedom to publish the content you want: how often governments around the world ask users to information about their accounts, how often Twitter meets many of these petitions and complaints of rights receive copyright for content published.

From the beginning of the year so far, Twitter responded to requests information of 1,181 users. Most of these U.S.. In total, 63% of cases of solicitation were given some information of users.

The intention of publishing this report now Twitter is to show that the formal consultation by the government is increasing every year. Only in the past months of 2012, received more solicitations than throughout the year 2011. So far, Twitter has received 3378 copyright notices and, consequently, deleted more than 5,000 tweets.

Below is the table with some data available: