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How to Optimize The URL

In addition to generating quality content and to implement marketing strategies, there is another determinant factor when achieving effective diffusion: achieving a good SEO Ranking. The first thing search engine look is the URL of your content, so you should keep it as simple and concrete as possible. This would promote proper categorization in the search engine.

How to do it

1. Simplicity

It should be inspired in the title of your page. If someone reads your URL, he should be able to have an adequate expectation on what will be found on page. Do not use indecipherable characters, that will make page hardly be reached by your potential customers.

It should be as simple as possible, have a logical construction and be “friendly” to the user.

2. Use Keywords  applicable to the content

You get to use keywords in your URL, but do it naturally, without repeating. Do not obsess on using keywords, there will be many places where you can use your them in your website. But preferably use it at the beginning to ensure your position.

3. Avoid long URLs.

If the URL is extensive, it will be more difficult to be remembered by the user. Shorten your URL,  make sure that the most significant and easy to remember words remain.

4. Separate words with high scripts.

Do not use spaces or underscores. Google interprets underscores as there is no space and reads all the words as if they were just one. In addition, you should avoid any special characters .

5. Delete stop -words .

Stop -words are those words such as articles and prepositions that do not provide any information on the content of the link and unnecessarily lengthening of the URL. Moreover, they are not taken into account by search engines .

6. Beware capitalization.

URLs mark uppercase and lowercase letters , for that reason should be careful not to use uppercase letters if you really do not need .

The URL is important for your position . Take a few minutes to define it, so that is optimized to achieve a good search engine optimization.

If in doubt or questions, write it in the comments section.