Use Facebook videos to connect and drive traffic to your business

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4 de May de 2015
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7 de May de 2015
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Videos stand out on social media, giving customers a quick overview of a product without overwhelming them with text and also help brands to communicate with their customers in a more genuine and effectual way. With Facebook and now Twitter showing more videos, finding the right message and headline is more important than ever for maximum engagement. Here are some tips to consider to generate more traffic and engagement with your next video on Facebook:

Building your page: When you add a featured video, the video is more prominent on the video tab and will be place above your About section. Include a call to action on that featured video to hit the “like” button, this will increase your number of likes of your page. Encourage people to like the video, share it, or leave a comment. Generate conversation on your page among your fans and followers by asking questions to your fans in the video, or include one in the description.  You can always change or delete the featured video, so you can also use it to promote your most recent video or an upcoming event.

Trend videos to connect with your audience: You want to be on your audience’s newsfeed, so look what they are into, take it , put your own brand twist and post a Facebook video with relevant hashtags and they will want to click on it. Be genuine.

Keep it short: people are more willing to see an entire video if its short. You should strive to make your content as concise and relevant as possible to achieve the highest engagement. But if this is not possible, consider front-loading your video with the most important information at the beginning.

Choose a thumbnail: when your followers see an interesting image on their timeline, they’re going to click the video to see it.

Tell me, Have you benefit your business thru Facebook videos using this ideas?