27 de May de 2015

The Pros and Cons of the Facebook Instant Articles

Earlier this month, Facebook launched Instant Articles: a feature that allows mobile users to experience content without ever leaving the social network. Since then, publishers, marketers […]
26 de May de 2015

Why media companies should pay attention to Snapchat

Not that long ago, Snapchat was just another hyped-up messaging app, like Whisper or Secret—a toy that children and twenty-somethings used to send goofy photos to […]
25 de May de 2015

How to go Viral: 5 Important Tips

1. Reach out and touch somebody The one aspect that always appears in viral content is its ability to invoke an emotion in the reader. No […]
20 de May de 2015

Why Mobile Strategy is Key During Summer

Summer, the time of the year when apparently we prepare to relax but the reality is that more activities are done. And with it, digital behavior […]
15 de May de 2015

How to promote your blog on social media in 10 ways

1. Include a link to your blog on all your social media profiles Once you set up a blog for your business, the number one step […]
14 de May de 2015

Why Snapchat is outliving the competition

There’s no shortage of startups telling us that they’re the future of communication or solving a problem we never knew we had. Not so long ago, […]
13 de May de 2015

The Power of Instagram: use the app to spread your brands message and content

The convergence of technology has produced a device (smartphone) that can take the photo in high definition and publish it to Facebook and Twitter before the […]
12 de May de 2015

Snapchat is getting serious about advertising

Snapchat is launching a new ad format: 10-second video ads, costing 2 cents per view, that will run between the articles and videos on the Discover section […]