6 de April de 2015

Por que compartilhamos conteúdo na web?

Compartilhar informações e conteúdo de forma rápida e fácil, através dos contatos, é uma das características mais importantes no comportamento dos usuários das mídias sociais. Compartilhamento […]
6 de April de 2015

Preferências e comportamento dos consumidores de Jogos Sociais

Para conhecer melhor os usuários de jogos sociais, seus hábitos e preferências, a eCGlobal Solutions realizou uma pesquisa através do painel de consumidores eCPanel e do […]
1 de April de 2015

What’s New: The Demographics For The Different Social Networks

There has been changes in the demographics for the social networks . Older social networks are reaching maturity, while newer social messaging apps are gaining younger […]
31 de March de 2015

Why do we share content in the web?

Sharing information and content in an easy and fast way to our contacts is one of the most important features in social media and for user […]
30 de March de 2015

How to Use Online Customers Reviews in Your Favor

The democratization of information via the Internet has not only fundamentally shifted how consumers search for goods and services, but also how companies must market these […]
26 de March de 2015

How to match Consumer Expectations regarding Mobile and In-Store Experience

Consumer today shop across a growing number of channels, and their expectation on products and pricing versus what retailers deliver present gaps that require attention. To […]
25 de March de 2015

How to obtain consumer insights in the digital marketing

In traditional marketing , strategic decisions are systematically based on traditional sources of information ( market research, competitive benchmark , financial metrics , sales figures, focus […]
3 de February de 2015

Latin Americans do not buy blindly

eCMetrics together with eCGlobal conducted a study to understand the Latin American consumer buying behavior before, during and after Christmas. Check out the results of our latest […]