29 de January de 2015

Twitter videos another option for content marketing

YouTube has long been king of the online video space, social media empires Facebook and Twitter are making big pushes to carve out their own slices […]
22 de January de 2015

Pinterest ads Program now available to your business

Will your business be giving a promoted pins a shot? Pinterest users create collections of items they want, gather information about places they want to go […]
15 de January de 2015

How can a twitter chat help your business

Hosting a chat on Twitter can be a lively way to engage your followers and help spread the word about your business or organization. Live chats […]
13 de January de 2015

Why Big Data is not an unsolvable problem

Because Big Data collects a large and complex amount of data sets, it could easily disillusion some researchers. But time has came to phase this Elephant. With […]
9 de January de 2015

Why should you consider investing in apps for your bussiness

At this time retailers know they should make sure their site works great on mobile. However 2014 was the year for apps. We’re using apps for […]
8 de January de 2015

What to consider for a video campaign on Facebook

As the internet connects us from all over the world, it’s much easier to communicate visually than in words, and technology has developed in a way […]
29 de December de 2014

What to consider in your Email Marketing for 2015

Shoppers prefer email communications from brands over any other type of message. Actually, whether social or mobile, already running or ready to rise up companies, all […]
23 de December de 2014

How Hispanic consumers shop online

Hispanics are a valuable audience for retailers to attract and retain because the Hispanic market has a tremendous buying power. According to a survey from Androit […]