29 de April de 2015

7 Great Tips to Drive User Engagement on Your Website

The term “user engagement” can refer to any action taken by a user on a website such as posting a comment or a search query, filling […]
27 de April de 2015

Smartphones will lead the eletronics market in 2015

We all imagined: according to GFK, smartphones will lead the eletronics market for consumers in 2015. In a recent speech for professionals in the business, Jurgen […]
22 de April de 2015

Google wireless service for Spring and T Mobile customers

Google wants to prove that it has more to give the customer than just applications and providing advertising background. The idea is to innovate the mobile […]
17 de April de 2015

Millennials Are Changing The Way We Live

The last generation born to the 20th century is beginning to earn more responsibility and buying power in the economy, and our attitudes are beginning to influence […]
16 de April de 2015

52% of the Bank Transactions done in Brazil were by internet or smartphone

The information is from a research made by FEBRABRAN about 2014 Bank Technology and it shows the evolution of the bank industry in Brazil, the main […]
14 de April de 2015

Netnography as a Strategic Tool

Netnography is establishing itself as base tool used to understand the consumer’s behavior and desires for the construction of strategies that meet the expectations of the […]
13 de April de 2015

The Millennials and the Internet in Brazil

Two out of every three young people in Brazil use their mobile phone to access the internet. For 42% of them, the mobile device is the […]
9 de April de 2015

How to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your website.

People are naturally drawn to attractive, magazine-quality images. Also, information can be processed very quickly when it’s seen as an image or picture. Hence, Pinterest’s beautiful […]