11 de January de 2019

Hybrid methodology promotes better results

Hybrid methodology promotes better results  Translated from: https://ecmetrics.com/es/metogologia-hibrida-promuebe-mejores-resultados/ Traditionally, market research used to use quantitative and qualitative research separately. But with the advance of technology in research […]
17 de December de 2018

Five Success Keys for Digital Companies

Companies take advantage of the power of the Internet to launch new and innovative projects, but to have success in the global economy it is also need: a valuable service or content, a sufficiently big audience, a reliable tecnology, a design centered on the user and a model of business that makes it sustainable in the long term.    Inanentrepeneurial environment, conections are  key. Make sure you have a good profile on LinkedIn, Twitter and other important networks for your business. The current entrepeneurs must strengthen the relationship with the audience and understand them more. Nowadays entrepeneurs have greater proximity with their audiences and the impact is notorious.  Thebest teams in digital ventures are multidisciplinary. To start in the new world, look for people who have different talents, include: production of content or services; development and maintenance of technology; business and marketing.  Thecontent is still the king but the distribution is the queen. It is just as important to move your idea as to do it well. The audience created with followers in social networks is a great first step to create a digital medium.  Whatmatters most in a story is that the information is useful, relevant, reliable, interesting and that its format allows it to be used. Good differentiation makes us credible. Today it is an important requirement to have unique value.  It´snecessary to think, not only about doing a good job, but also to make it profitable. 
26 de November de 2018

Marketing Strategies for Christmas

The Christmas season, the most waited time of the year not only for consumers, but also for companies. Since November, companies start to focus all their […]
20 de November de 2018

Big Data and the supply chain

In a world full of data, the need of specific technologies for Big Data increases. Small and medium-sized companies inevitably deal with supply chains. With huge […]
6 de November de 2018

The Chatbots will change the way to do direct marketing

Chatbots are also known as chat or conversational bots. They are artificial intelligence systems of a software able to maintain a conversation with a human being. […]
24 de October de 2018

The Big Data and The Market Research

By: Jéssica Cruz Reviewed By: Ivan Casas  It’s nothing new that Big Data is the 21st century gold, and that the age of information produces unbridled […]
10 de January de 2018

Inside community: What is it and what are its advantages?

-Inside community: What is it and what are its advantages? This article was written by: Jessica Cruz Review and adaptation by: Ivan Casas   Is nothing […]
12 de December de 2017

Differences between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Differences between AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning This article is an adaptation, the original can be found here   Much is said about artificial intelligence […]