What inspired Adriana Rocha – CEO eCGlobal Solutions to become an entrepreneur?

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In an interview with Akshay Kanyal, author of Online MR blog, Adriana Rocha shared with us the recipe to become an entrepreneur and what she believes are the biggest challenges in Market Research and Online Panel industries.

With over 17 years of experience in marketing, technology and market research, she is also co-founder of eCMetrics, one of the first Interactive Marketing Research Agencies in Latin America, and former Latin America Director for GMI (Global Market Insite).

Speaker at various international conferences, Adriana is the author of the awarded paper “How to transform a traditional Online Panel into a Dynamic Opinion Community” (Bronze in the Category “Marketing and Relationship Campaigns” MSN/ABANET BRAZIL 2006) and has been featured by LatinVision as one of the most active and prestigious entrepreneur within the US Hispanic and Latin America Business Community.

Adriana has a MBA in Marketing and BS in Computer Science from Federal University of Bahia, Brazil.


What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Adriana Rocha: The challenge and wish to build something innovative and revolutionary that could impact positively the way companies understand and engage with nowadays consumers.


If given a chance what would you like to change in the entrepreneurial journey you took?

Adriana Rocha: Nothing


What steps you are undertaking to create a strong brand identity for your company?

Adriana Rocha: Building a strong brand identity is about knowing who you are, where you fit in and what differentiates you from competitors.

It’s about reflecting your core values, business propositions and reputation. So it is not built from one day to another, but requires time and efforts in different fronts – from visual presentation to value, quality and commitment.

So here at eCGlobal we’ve worked hard in different fronts to build a strong brand together with our internal and external public.


What success mantra you would like to give to an aspiring entrepreneur in this industry?

Adriana Rocha: Never give up. Have self confidence, believe in your dreams, and move on.

Can you briefly describe what services eCGlobal Solutions is providing?

Adriana Rocha: eCGlobal is providing services to help our clients succeed through a better understanding and engagement of the evolving digital consumers.

Our products and services include virtual communities, branded social networks, custom panels, mobile and social applications, additionally to more “traditional” market research services such as survey programming, hosting and access to our proprietary online panel communities with around 600,000 members from all Latin America (250,000 from Brazil) and the US Hispanic market.


What competitive advantages you have built in your organization?

Adriana Rocha: Superior Quality; Strong Technology Background; Deep Knowledge and Experience of Online Research applied to our markets; a Multicultural and Multifunctional team committed with results and success of our clients.


What are the new markets you are currently looking at to expand?

Adriana Rocha: We have a very strong presence and operations in Brazil, and we are expanding into other Latin American markets, but our main focus for 2012 is definitely our expansion in the North American market.


How technology is driving your company?

Adriana Rocha: Technology is the heart of our company. It is integrated in all our products and services that we develop, and is vital to run our projects and keep us connected with our team and clients worldwide.


How can social media benefit the online panel industry?

Adriana Rocha: Social media can benefit panel companies in different ways such as a new recruitment source, a brand engagement and communication channel with panelists, an excellent conduit for collaboration (such as ideas generation, for example), a powerful marketing and sales tool, as well as a platform for building new products and services.

What do you think are the biggest challenges online panel industry is facing?

Adriana Rocha:

• The commoditization of sample services, generating a price war and poor quality services;

• The need to change how traditional response-based surveys have been built;

• Entrance of new players in the sample market, including large social networks such as Facebook;

• The consumers themselves – more connected, more conscious, more demanding in order to share their time and attention, which means the need to go beyond a traditional panel offer.


There is a buzz for the Latin American markets in terms of growth – how are you positioning your company for it?

Adriana Rocha: eCGlobal is a truly Latin American company, well knowing the reality of the region and its peculiarities.

Spanish is the predominant language in almost all countries (except Brazil where we speak Portuguese), but there are many differences among the different countries and cultures, and that’s why having a multicultural team with people from all over the region together with our local presence and expertise is one of our main competitive advantages.
What legacy you want to leave behind as an entrepreneur?

Adriana Rocha: I want to look behind and see that we’ve been a change agent helping this industry evolve to the next levels demanded by a dynamic global digital world.


Editor’s Note: We really appreciate Adriana taking out time from her hectic schedule to share her detailed views with us”.


ABOUT Adriana Rocha:

Adriana is co-founder and CEO of eCGlobal Solutions, a leading provider of innovative social media and technology based solutions for Consumer Insights.


Twitter: @adricrocha


Source: OnlineMr