What is Inbound Marketing and what is it for?

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Inbound marketing is the best way to attract your target audience. Or, the other way around, it is the best way to guide your target audience or potential customers towards your company.  

This strategic approach may lead to the growth of your company, creating long-lasting relationships with your customers. Companies that implement this type of marketing are constantly working on the creation of new methods and strategies aimed at attracting potential customers, creating awareness, and developing and maintaining relationships with their audience.  

Inbound marketing allows companies to attract the “true customer”, the one who will stay loyal to the brand. Why is this? Mainly because this type of marketing is based on organic leads. People will come to you because you have the answer to their questions – the solution to their problems. That’s what it is about. Being able to satisfy the needs of your customers.  

According to HubSpot, inbound marketing can be applied and implemented in 3 simple steps: attract, interact and delight.  

What Is Inbound Marketing? | HubSpot

  1. Attract  

This strategy consists of creating and publishing relevant content in order to attract potential customers.

Examples of this type of strategy are tutorials, testimonials from other clients, promotions, videos, infographics, among others. Nowadays, social media content is the best way to get people interested and involved in your company.  

2. Interact  

Once you have the attention of your customers, make sure you don’t leave them abandoned. That is, interact with them. Let them know that you want to establish a lasting relationship with them. Communicate to your customers the value you offer to them. Remember, more than selling a product or offering a service, you are providing a solution to their needs.

Examples of how you can keep interacting with your audience are through personal calls, email marketing, webinars, or interactive content on social media.  

3. Delight  

What a company wants most is to ensure that their customers are happy and satisfied. Some tools that come very handy in this part are surveys, chatbots, and personal attention on social networks. This way, you let your customers know you are attentive and alert to any problem that may arise, that you are there to provide support, and with the surveys it allows you to know the opinion of your audience regarding your products or services – in other words, to receive feedback. Remember, a happy customer can go a long way in reaching more people.  

Inbound marketing is a strategy that works for any company, regardless of its size. Any company that aims to build and maintain relationships with their customers can implement this type of marketing.