What to consider for a video campaign on Facebook

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29 de December de 2014
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As the internet connects us from all over the world, it’s much easier to communicate visually than in words, and technology has developed in a way to allow this. People speak a new universal language — one that is made up of photos, emojis, stickers and videos. This visual language is seen as a succinct, time-efficient and powerful way for people to get their point across.

Facebook is saying that the social network has averaged more than 1 billion daily video views since June. Brands should take advantage of the explosive growth of video on Facebook and reach people on a more visually vibrant way.
On FB your video will appear in News Feed next to a photo from a friend or a status update from a relative. Meaning that your video needs to fit in, and it needs to be something that your audience will want to watch and share.
Grab people planning for a strong creative from the first frame on.
Shorter, timely video content tends to do well in News Feed Though people tend to watch short videos, they will watch long videos as long as the longer videos are telling good stories.
Use video that works well with and without sound so people are engaged even if a video is playing silently inline. Keep in mind that auto-play videos play silently in News Feed until someone taps to hear sound, so videos that catch people’s attention even without sound often find success.
Optimize your campaign for different screens, devices and connection speeds to reach people in the most compelling and effective way.
Know what your audience likes. Video insights will help you to know what people is seen.








From: AllFacebook