What to consider in your Email Marketing for 2015

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23 de December de 2014
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8 de January de 2015
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Shoppers prefer email communications from brands over any other type of message. Actually, whether social or mobile, already running or ready to rise up companies, all of these do and will rely on email as the common denominator for establishing accounts and customer identity. Indicating that for 2015 email will continue to be incredibly effective and the most important outbound digital messaging channel. And.
Let’s be real, emails has been around for the longest and mobile devices ensure it as part of our daily routine. You don’t necessarily have to download an app; it’s visually engaging; we’re used to it; and so often, you can’t really buy or make a transaction without it. Email is the primary vehicle; it’s at the heart of everything we do.

Reading Email
So, make sure the communication is valuable, timely, and contextual. Start small; test different cadences; segmented your audience, and exercise restraint and creativity. Being more personal starts with knowing who you’re emailing, leveraging predictive analytics, and delivering messages to the inbox. Ask people to return and update preferences, and then act on those preferences. The latter is really key because, let’s face it, if the email doesn’t hit the inbox then all your efforts are essentially wasted.


But since emails are mostly view on smartphones, the article “How to adapt emails to Mobile Marketing” (link to our article) will give you some good tips to consider.