When An Influencer Lose Power

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9 de October de 2015
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21 de October de 2015
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Social Media is the most important platform in the world to communicate and brands have taken advantage of it to made themselves known and to get a specific segment. The campaigns on social media are aimed at creating confidence in the user so that it achieves the link with their immediate environment. At the same time, this enabled brands to make themselves known.

To do a campaign using influencers can be extremely effective and affordable. Influencers, become the brand voice creating confidence in their followers. Influencers are who users rely on when to are planning to buy or need advice before accepting a service.

But influencers should know how to handle this “power”, if they publish information excessively , they could the risk of becoming irrelevant to consumers. Soon, fans will stay away and seek for another avenue to share their ideas and experiences. The honesty of the brand is affected by an abuse of exposure, leaving  damaged the user perception and diverting their attention to competition.