Why and How to Start Your Marketing on Pinterest

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29 de May de 2015
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Pinterest can make a great impact in your business. It’s quick, clean and easy to use. It is one of the most powerful social media platforms for driving traffic, increasing visibility, and sales. It counts with 70 millions active users, being women the most active, 92% of the 30 billions pin come from them. The device of preference for people sharing on pinterest is mobile, doing it three times more than on desktops. So, be sure your website is mobile friendly.

Why use Pinterest:

Less steps for going from discovery to conversion.

Your content have a longer lifespan

More traffic, links go back to your website. On top of that, images are pinned or repinned from the web, meaning more referral traffic.

More sales. Pinteres generates 27% more money than FB and 400% more than twitter.

Longer user engagement. Pinterest merely visual, making scanning easier and more enjoyable. The average user expends 14.2 minutes per visit.

You can discover trends and what people love to share, and use that information to position your own offers and products.

Starting up:

Profile: Set up your Pinterest business account; choose your business type (people will find you); link and verify for your website; include your location (specially for local business) and upload a profile picture

Boards: Start boards that focus on a specific theme with at least 10 pins on each one. Use keywords in your board titles; assign it themes, it tends to attract more interest. Constantly update your cover photo to keep your board fresh. 

Pins: inspire potential customers with the products you sell. you’ll strengthen your brand’s authority in your niche. For specific subjects, be sure to use hashtags.

Off Pinterest: Let your visitors do the “pinning” for you, add the pin it button to the images on your website. Embed your own product pins in a Pinterest widget on your website. Add meta tags to your website to turn images pinned from your site into rich pins.


If you receive hand written testimonials from customers, snap a photo of them and pin them to a dedicated board for testimonials.

Generate interest with a contest where your fans and followers can create boards about your brand or around the products you sell.


Source: SocialMarketingWritting