Why Big Data is not an unsolvable problem

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9 de January de 2015
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Because Big Data collects a large and complex amount of data sets, it could easily disillusion some researchers. But time has came to phase this Elephant. With humans around the globe rapidly gaining access to the internet, using smart mobile devices, and generally tracking their every step, task and even emotion, the need to tackle Big Data is clearly growing quickly. The potential to marketers and business leaders is just too massive; if not completely clear.

But researchers got disillusioned when they consider the Big Data too unstructured to generate insight, too confusing to guide action, and too expensive to use practically. Big Data incorporates information from some sources which don’t fit into the traditional mold of high quality and acceptable research data. Big Data practices aren’t comprehensively addressed and guided by formidable market research institutions. And of course, there are real and significant privacy concerns surrounding Big Data.

1. Big researchers are (Big) data experts. They are already organized regarding collecting, analyzing and presenting high volume, high variety and high velocity data sets.

2. Big researchers break down organizational silos. They are highly experienced at working at the center of complex organizations and acting as the central repository and broker of data thereby facilitating the creation of truly big sets of data.

3. Big researchers make integrating data easier. Their skills in data integration make Big Data practical. They know how to merge transactional, psychographics, geo-location, social media and even bio metric data.

4. Big researchers leverage new technologies. They are diving into applying Hadoop and other technologies that allow the storage and large scale processing of truly big data sets.

5. Big researchers tell stories. They know how to combine the qualitative and quantitative, the structured and unstructured, the solicited and the unsolicited which are central to Big Data to create stories that stick.

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