Why Mobile Strategy is Key During Summer

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15 de May de 2015
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25 de May de 2015
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Summer, the time of the year when apparently we prepare to relax but the reality is that more activities are done. And with it, digital behavior and interest change, people are out of their houses and with the mobile always on hand, looking for places to go, things to do and share. It might be time to consider if you need to shift your media strategy accordingly with summer’s consumer behavior. Specially if your product is seasonal, knowing consumer’s season behavior will help you make it relevant or may be new new consumer interest that you can explore. So, lets analize how consumers behaved last summer:


Since outdoor activities are done more during this season, people are more likely to use a mobile device. Last summer photos was the most shared through mobiles. Brands could engage with customers assuring a good mobile strategy.


Conversation through all social media was related to the different summer activities such has swimming, eating, parties. When a summer holiday (Memorial day, 4th of July)  or a celebration ( garduations) is coming, comments about it spikes. Brands can take advantages and connect by  means of helping with the planning and preparation of those celebrations, being part of the celebration itself or offering ways to extend the festivities.

Summer :

Booth men and women #1 goal for summer is related to get in shape, followed by eat better, exercise more, spend more time outdoors, try a new activity or hobby, work on a DIY project. So, brands strategy should involve encouragement to get consumer goals maybe offering tools or ideas to get  there. Use hash tags as fitness, motivation to exercise, eat clean and make healthy choices on Instagram when sharing content.

Develop a strategy based on what you’re seeing, but allow some flexibility to adapt as new opportunities arise.