Why people follow brands on Social Media?

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3 de July de 2012
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9 de August de 2012
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Last May, the Burst Media conducted a survey to analyze consumers behavior about brands in social media. The information presented through an Infographic, was launching on Friday. According to them, 76% of people visit social media websites – such as Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Women are more active on social media, (49%) of respondents reported that they visit social media sites at least once a day. Among men, the percentage drops to 34%.

According to the data, 58% of women who are already mothers and young people between 18 and 34 years follow brands on social media. The study also found that 2 to 3 each blog readers know brands through the content published by bloggers. About 66% of respondents who access blogs that make their buying decisions based on promotions and information published in these social media brands. The research was conducted with 1,453 american adults aged 18 years or more. Check the details in the infographic below.