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8 de January de 2015
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At this time retailers know they should make sure their site works great on mobile. However 2014 was the year for apps. We’re using apps for everything, and as new innovations and technologies are introduced into the market users are getting more and more accustomed to them. In the past, a lot of the growth came from entertainment and messaging apps, but this year it was shopping apps was the big winner, with an overall grew of 76%. Many brands could take advantage of this to add significantly to their business.


When are shopping apps mostly use?

According to Flurry Analytics, shopping apps where used mostly at 9 a.m. and then again at noon, in both cases from zip codes that weren’t home. The app usage then dips off and picks back up again most at 8 p.m. when users return home, sat down and shop while watching TV. So, shopping apps are used both at home and on the road.


Who came next?

Utilities and Productivity apps came in second with 121% growth. Messaging, which was the darling of the 13’s, came in third for growth in 2014 and Health & Fitness and Travel apps both crossed the average growth line.

The categories that didn’t fare as well as their comrades are Sports, News, Music and Games.


Looking Forward

Retailers should however make sure they create apps with an user experience which is up to par or preferably even better than the big brands. Also the type of products is important: products people like to buy more often like fashion, design, lifestyle or even wines. In those cases a great shopping app can easily double conversion rates and add 10-20% to the business (probably more as mobile keeps growing).

From:Flurry Analitics