Will Facebook “See First” Impact On Your Brand?

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21 de July de 2015
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31 de July de 2015
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Marketers complain about losing visibility on Facebook’s News Feed. And Facebook’s algorithm favor friends content over brand’s. So, with the feature “See First” Facebook is giving control to users say what they want to at the top of their news feed. But, every time a user picks another person or page other than yours to “see first,” it pushes one more piece of content on top of yours. The more a user needs to scroll, the lower the likelihood that your content will be seen by that user.

What Marketers Will Do

Unfortunately,  brands are now going to use this as a marketing technique. They are going to beg their fans to choose to see them first. But unless your content is freaking amazing, users won’t add you. And they’ll be pretty annoyed by the request.

The problem is that a very large percentage of brands are going to fall in the group that isn’t “freaking amazing.” So your plea to have people add you first will be ignored. Even worse, users may lose respect for you and hide your content.

What You Should Do

Be tactful about it. Understand how it can be perceived. Do so very delicately