I. Brand Experiences

Ethnographic research

With ethnographic research, we go beyond the superficial answers of traditional research to gain a deep and meaningful understanding of human behavior. We use a comprehensive approach that combines direct observation, in-depth interviews and cultural analysis to gain rich, detailed insights that our clients can use to create more effective marketing strategies and build a stronger connection with their consumers.


A solution that allows Brands to monitor, in real-time, social media activities performed by your very specific target audience during a specific time period. For example, US Hispanic women from Los Angeles 18-30 years old who use a specific beauty product. Differently from other tools that cannot monitor specific profile of users (such as age, ethnic group, country of origin, specific lifestyle or consumer of a specific product or service).


II. Brand Insights

Online and Mobile, qualitative research and quantitative researches

Use of our online panel partners with over 10 million users in LATAM or your own customer base to conduct truly interactive online and mobile surveys, online forums and focus groups. Together with our analysts and consultants, we provide a full-service solution that includes: recruitment, online field, research design and programming or qualitative research platform, processing / moderation, analysis and written report with results, conclusions and recommendations.


III. Brand Analytics


Complete service of consultancy of Social Media (Social Media Listening). Our services include:


Service that includes Data fusion and visualization of your multi-source studies in user-friendly dashboard reports for comparisons. For example, the client can visualize and compare at the same online report, information of a product category that comes from various continuous researches, ad-hoc researches and social media monitoring.



Case 01

A global leader company for Cable TV wanted to understand the behavior of their Latin American subscribers in social media.

Our Solution:
Usage of our 360 Degree View of the Social Media User to learn about the product’s target audience social media usage and attitudes towards the brand. The solution integrated buzz monitoring analysis of this Client and its competitors’ accounts, validation through an online survey in its fan page and our panel and in-depth understanding through a qualitative online group discussion forum.

Using our social media usage and attitudes segmentation model we designed a strategic plan that involved the participation of key user segments product fans to socialize with the brand in various social media platforms through specific marketing and engagement initiatives.

Case 02

One of the top manufacturers in the world of mobile phones wanted to evaluate innovative phone models with Generation Y users.

Our Solution:
Using its gaming solutions, eCMetrics was able to design an evaluation instrument that included challenges within a 3D virtual world.

Participation rate 3 times higher and generation of 4 times more additional ideas for new attributes and new models than using a traditional web 1.0 online survey.

Case 03

A large company for bubble gum wanted to increase engagement with the brand with smart phone mobile users in Brazil and understand situations under which consumers tend to consume gum.

Our Solution:
We invited consumers from eCGlobalNet and the company online consumer base to take pictures from their phone and published them in eCGlobal’s inside community were we executed discussion groups about bubble gum.

More than 1,000 participants engaged and sending photos. By generating consumer insights, we were able to obtain a deep understanding of consumption behavior of gum.

Case 04

A leader brand in the fashion industry wanted to identify young consumers from Mexico and Brazil middle class who are in sync with fashion trends (fashionistas) and realign a viral campaign to broadcast the company's new products.

Our Solution:
We selected and recruited consumers in social media and followed and documented their consumer experiences in their natural environment via ethnographic techniques.

We executed 5 different experiences that later on were used for its broadcasting Social Media and traditional channels.